Fairfield Launches First-ever #STAGiving Day April 21
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Fairfield Launches First-ever #STAGiving Day April 21

Fairfield University is launching its first-ever #STAGiving Day on Tuesday, April 21. The goal is for the University community to ‘rise to the challenge’ by encouraging the support of 500 donors and raising $100,000 - within 24 hours - to support of the experiences that make a Fairfield education so valuable.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of two loyal alumni, challenge gifts have also been established for this one special day. When we reach 500 donors, the University will receive a gift of $50,000. And when we raise $100,000, Fairfield will receive an additional gift of $50,000. So today your dollars go further!

Here’s how YOU can help make a BIG impact:

SPREAD THE WORD: On your social media accounts, use the hashtag #STAGiving. The more people we can reach, the closer we will get to our goals. 

COME JOIN US FOR LUNCH: Please join us in making this day one to remember! The minimum cost of the luncheon is the usual $6, with $5 for the lunch and $1 directed to #STAGiving Day, but your generosity is limitless. We're asking everyone to consider making a gift of $20.15* to celebrate our 1st STAGiving Day! Your support on this special day is greatly appreciated and can be designated to Current Use needs through The Fairfield Fund, or for Scholarship through the Fairfield University Scholarship Endowment.  Let's show our support for Fairfield students and all they are striving to accomplish.

*$5 is the fair market value of the luncheon. Any amount above $5 will be considered your gift and is fully tax-deductible by law.

WEAR RED: Show your support of #STAGiving Day by wearing red. Our corporate partner Follett, will support #STAGiving Day by offering a special 25% discount on all red Fairfield clothing merchandise on that day (no sales or specialty items) at both bookstore locations.

thank you For seven decades, the Fairfield community has helped students achieve their dreams, let’s help this next generation achieve theirs.

- Learn more at the #STAGiving web page

- See Lucas get excited about #STAGiving Day

- Help spread the word on social media on days leading up to the event with the hashtag #STAGiving



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