Historic Capital Campaign On Track at $142M
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Historic Capital Campaign On Track at $142M

The Fairfield Rising Campaign — still ongoing and on track to achieve its historic $160 million goal — is now in the final phase of fundraising.

Slated for completion on or before June 30, 2017, the campaign is enabling investments in four critical pillars of growth — scholarship that empowers promising students to attend Fairfield regardless of their financial needs, endowment to support dedicated faculty and enhancement of academic programs, state-of-the-art academic, athletic, and student-life facilities, and essential current-use funds that sustain a world-class educational experience.

To date, alumni, parents, students, and friends have contributed more than $142,000,000 of the $160,000,000 goal. Excitement for success and thoughtful generosity has increased Fairfield’s scholarship endowment by $40,550,000; grown the academic endowment by nearly $11,000,000; enhanced the campus with more than $47,000,000 for facilities including the new Center for Nursing and Health Studies and the completely renovated RecPlex; and provided more than $43,000,000 for essential current use initiatives.

Twenty-Eight gifts of $1,000,000 or more have been made during the campaign — more gifts at this level than in any effort in Fairfield’s history. Additional records continue to be set alongside the campaign, including the largest applicant pool in University history, elevated SAT scores across the applicant pool, and exceptional increases in University rankings.

“We’re doing great having surpassed $142,000,000,” said Vice President for University Advancement Wally Halas. “The other important goal ahead is to increase alumni participation. We know how much our alumni love Fairfield and we want them to remain involved. We’re presently at 32 percent participation in the campaign and we seek to surpass a minimum of one-third of alumni participating with a stretch goal of 35 percent.”

Campaign receptions and events across the country have inspired a sense of camaraderie among the Fairfield community, provided a rally point for alumni connections, and created an opportunity to participate in the impact that philanthropy has on education, especially for younger alumni.

“This is going to be a winning campaign and a source of pride for all alumni,” Halas said. “Alumni will take enormous pride in knowing they were a part of Fairfield’s greatest fundraising campaign and alumni should do so at any level. Every gift counts.”

Halas explained that there’s still work to accomplish to achieve the shared goal. As the campaign builds toward a successful and celebratory finale, focus remains on securing support for scholarship and academic endowment.

“Fairfield has some of the most remarkable faculty on the East Coast,” Halas said. “It’s important for us to retain our faculty and recruit others to continue to enhance Fairfield’s academic reputation. If you have not yet participated, now is certainly the time!”

Learn more about the Fairfield Rising campaign.

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