Fairfield Partners with EmergenSeeā„¢ Smart Phone App
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Fairfield Partners with EmergenSee™ Smart Phone App

Over the summer, Fairfield University entered into a partnernship with EmergenSee™, a personal safety smart phone app that transforms your smartphone into a high tech personal safety device. The app, which is available on Android and Apple phones, enables members of the Fairfield University community to activate and stream real-time video and audio, GPS location and two-way texting to Fairfield University's Department of Public Safety's (DPS) dispatch center. With just one tap of the app, DPS can immediately see, hear and follow the incident as it unfolds.

"EmergenSee™ is another way of helping keep our community safe. It's a technologies based layer, making it easier for our community members to contact DPS. It provides valuable real-time information for responding officers," stated Todd Pelazza, director of Public Safety.

EmergenSee™ allows dispatchers and first responders to monitor information in real time, streaming from a person’s phone, enabling a quicker and more effective response by Public Safety Officers. The EmergenSee™ app provides: live video & audio or live photo capture, GPS location & movement, SafeWalk escort, secured recording, 2-way texting, stealth mode, personal profile and incident history.

EmergenSee’s geo-fence technology is activated within the design perimeter that includes Fairfield’s campus and the University's Downtown Bookstore.

To download the new app or to learn more about EmergenSee™, please visit www.emergensee.com.

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Last modified: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 11:43:27 EDT

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