Nursing Alumnus Goes the Extra Mile
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Nursing Alumnus Goes the Extra Mile

Charles Wetmore’s patients can rest easy knowing that he’ll go the extra mile when it comes to their care — literally by traveling to their homes. 

Wetmore, a veteran certified pediatric nurse practitioner, created Pediatric House Call Solutions, LLC., and travels to patients’ homes to deliver care. “It’s just like the name says,” Wetmore said. “I make pediatric house calls and see sick kids in their homes.” 

The service is a relief for parents with busy schedules, something Wetmore said he understood completely. “As a parent of three daughters, I know firsthand how tough it is to take a sick kid to the office. You have to miss work, get an appointment that often has an inconvenient time and sit in a crowded waiting room with other sick people,” he said. 

House calls solve all of those problems, Wetmore reported. While averaging around two to three homes a day, Wetmore can do practically everything that he would do in a normal office, and anything that he can’t do for his patients, he refers them to doctors that can. 

“I'll stay as long as a parent wants,” Wetmore said. “There’s a lot less fuss this way and because I’m the sole provider, if a parent needs to call me back for a follow-up question, they talk to me. I know the story, I prescribed treatment, I’m aware of all the details.” 

The bottom line is that it makes the lives of parents and children a little bit easier — and that’s service that everyone can get behind. It also connects well to Fairfield’s mission of being men and women for others. 

Wetmore is a Fairfield alumnus three times over: he majored in English in 1982, politics in 1991 and received his nursing degree in 1996. “I chose Fairfield because it’s a great school with a great reputation. That was more than obvious when I first went there, and its stature has only grown since then. The Jesuit mission was, and remains, inspiring to me. Education and social justice are essential components of a successful society, and the Fairfield experience offered that and plenty more.” 

Assistant Professor Linda Roney said, "Charlie and I worked together in a pediatric emergency department where patients sometimes would come for care because there was no other option available after hours for working parents who were juggling so many responsibilties. Through recent changes in the state nurse practice act that supports independent practice for experienced APRNs and Charlie's commitment to his patients and their families, sick children in our area now have the opportunity to be cared for where they are most comfortable — in their own homes."

Wetmore’s days are very busy, as one would imagine, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. By seeing a patient in their home, he both delights his patients and has the full picture of their situation, which lets him practice better medicine. 

Besides making life for children and parents more comfortable, it makes life easier.

"Seeing the relief on parents’ faces is pretty cool, but being able to see the environment where a kid lives and not in a sterile exam room sometimes gives rich benefits. Not long ago, I saw a kid for a runny nose and cold and it basically turned into a home safety check. Mom was happy and I was happy,” said Wetmore.

Visit Wetmore’s Pediatric House Call Solutions website for more information. 

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