Ferranti and Tancredi Win FUSA President and Vice President Election
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Ferranti and Tancredi Win FUSA President and Vice President Election

While history is sure to be made during this year’s national presidential election, the Fairfield University Student Association’s presidential and vice presidential race had a historic conclusion of its own.

The Mirror, Fairfield’s independent student newspaper, reported that after a record-breaking 1,415 votes cast on Tuesday, Feb. 23, Zoë Ferranti ’17 and Brianna Tancredi ’17 won 646 votes, electing them as FUSA student body president and vice president respectively.

To say Ferranti is excited to take on the role of president would be an understatement. “I cannot express in words how much this accomplishment means to me. But I can say that I am so very honored and blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead the University and I am over the moon to assume the position alongside Brie and continue to employ great things on our campus and for our students,” Ferranti said.

This, however, will not be the duo’s first time working in the FUSA office; Ferranti, a Communication major, served as the chair of the FUSA Senate prior to the election and started in FUSA as a freshman when she was elected as a class senator. She continued as a class senator into her sophomore year, while also serving as the chair of the FUSA Student Life Committee.

Serving on a different branch of FUSA, Tancredi, a double major in Accounting and Management, worked as the chair of the Programming Board this year; she also began her FUSA journey as a freshman, starting on the board as the director of Late Night at Barone programming and moved on to work as the director of Late Night at the Levee programming in her sophomore year.

Although the move to their newest positions will take some getting used to, Ferranti and Tancredi are prepared to put their campaign platform into action. “Our biggest mission serving as president and vice president will be to continue to build and strengthen our community and school spirit to the best it can be by ensuring each student has a voice, feels comfortable and appreciated on campus, and is enjoying their time at Fairfield University,” said Tancredi.

Ferranti agreed, saying that their term in office will focus on serving the students as much as possible. “The students are the priority; if there is something they have an issue with, we will work harder than anyone else in this room to make sure that they are satisfied.”

With their action plan at the ready, Tancredi said that they have high hopes for their 2016-2017 term as president and vice president. “My hope is to make those who have come before me proud to call themselves Stags and to inspire those who will come after me to make their own marks on Fairfield University.”

By Nicole Funaro

Photo Credit: Catherine Veschi/Fairfield Mirror

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