Fairfield University Bookstore Announces Textbook Price-Match Program
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Fairfield University Bookstore Announces Textbook Price-Match Program

‌Fairfield University Bookstore Downtown has announced a new price-match textbook policy available exclusively to Fairfield University students.

If a student finds an identical in-stock textbook for rent or purchase priced lower elsewhere (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Chegg, or a local competitor) the University Bookstore will match it at the register by providing compensation for price differentiation on a bookstore gift card.

In order to benefit from this initiative you must present either an ad dated no more than 7 days prior to intended purchase date, a printed screenshot of the ad, an ad shown via mobile device, or a traditional hard copy ad.

An important note is that all online sites used to compare prices must be located in the United States in order to qualify for this price-match benefit.

There are exclusions such as peer-to-peer marketplaces, Amazon’s warehouse deals (Gold Box), aggregator sites, digital books and publisher-direct prices. In addition to this, prices that require minimum quantity purchases, misprinted or inaccurate prices, auctions, prices requiring membership, bundle offers, instant rebates, mail-in offers, offers that include financing are all excluded from the bookstore price-matching offer.

The book must be in stock with the University Bookstore and with the retailer advertising the lower price. If the book is being rented the rental period must be the same as University Bookstore’s rental period.  In addition, the lower-priced item must match the exact book ISBN and edition purchased or rented, including accompanying CDs, online access codes, and student manuals.

Janet Chou, Store Manager at the Fairfield University Bookstore & Stag Spirit Shop commented, “This is a Follett initiative that is intended to save students money. I think that with the campus support and excitement that we have seen so far, this will be a successful program that will gain momentum each semester!” 

If a student has already purchased a book they are entitled to a price adjustment in the form of a gift card as long as the following is applicable: The adjustment is completed within 7 days of the original transaction, the original receipt is presented at the register, and the price adjustment is only provided for the same purchase format (new/used, rented/purchased).

The Stag Spirit Shop location is for order pickup only. All textbook shopping and transactions are only available at tje Downtown Bookstore.

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