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New Majors. New Minors. New Courses.

Fairfield’s academic divisions premiered a number of new areas of study this fall semester that embrace academic rigor, and are consistent with the Jesuit Mission of the pursuit of truth and social justice. This spring, there are more new courses and programs to come.

These innovative programs are specifically designed for students to help them examine their sense of calling and mission in their personal lives and career choices, as well as expand the University’s Jesuit heritage and mission into today’s real-world issues and growing areas of need.

Below please find a review of these new areas and links for more information.


Public Relations Major:
The study of public relations at Fairfield University focuses on clear, effective and ethical communication that creates change and advocates for those with the least access to wider audiences. The study of public relations is not simply about press releases or “spin,” but instead about understanding how various communication channels and platforms are used to effectively communicate. Public Relations at Fairfield University is concerned with ethical argument and advocacy, clear writing, understanding interpersonal relationships, and thinking critically about how to shape stories aimed at specific stakeholders.

Business Analytics:
In today’s ever-changing, technology-driven world, organizations are swimming in data. Finding ways to analyze and use this data effectively is crucial to business success. Fairfield’s new master of science in business analytics program is designed for busy professionals who want to propel their organizations forward through sound strategic decisions based on a keen understanding of data and statistical methods.

What sets Fairfield’s MSBA apart?

  • Flexible, affordable, convenient
  • On-campus/online hybrid program
  • Proximity to Fortune 500 companies and New York City
  • Strong regional alumni network
  • Nationally ranked for excellence

Environmental Studies Major:
Environmental Studies is one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields. By combining cutting-edge coursework in environmental science, policy, economics, and philosophy, with real-world workshops and internships, Fairfield University's Environmental Studies program prepares students for career opportunities in the years ahead. Students in the program will be offered a wide choice of courses and perspectives that will enable them to learn about both the problems and potential solutions. Internships and research projects are central to the curriculum because of local and regional concerns about these issues.

There will be special interdepartmental opportunities to link an environmental concentration with other majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, Dolan School of Business and the School of Engineering. In addition, Fairfield's many international programs and options provide important educational experiences across majors that form global citizens and prepare students for today’s interconnected workplace both in the U.S. and abroad.

Reading Literacy Certificate:
The Sixth Year Professional Certificate in Reading and Language Development is a 36-credit program committed to preparing general and special educators who possess the knowledge and skills to to assist K-12 students’ to raise their broad literacy achievement profiles. The program provides coursework in scientifically-based reading, writing, and spelling instruction, intervention, and remediation practices; includes extensive supervised clinical experiences involving work with K-12 students in Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and remedial contexts; prepares candidates to meet the diverse literacy needs of K-12 students in general education settings and prepares candidates to identify and serve the remedial reading needs of students with reading disabilities, including dyslexia.


Health Studies:
Tomorrow’s healthcare system will rely on greater interdisciplinary inquiry, innovative problem solving, and collaborative leadership development across multiple areas of expertise. With the support of alumni, parents and friends, Fairfield University’s Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing has risen to be among the top ten schools of nursing in the country. Building on this expertise, Fairfield is positioned to address national healthcare challenges through new programminglike the health studies minor. Using a team-based approach, students will work in cutting-edge facilities alongside faculty, peers and alumni with expertise in all areas of the industry and related professions. This experience will be invaluable for students who seek to gain practical work skills that will have a direct and meaningful benefit for their future accomplishments in a given field.

Humanitarian Action:
This unique, interdisciplinary minor prepares students to learn, reflect, and act on humanitarian crises. In collaboration with the University's five schools, the minor grounds students in self-reflection, moral commitment and ethically informed action. The program of study and opportunities for experiential learning embody Fairfield’s Jesuit mission of preparing men and women for others. Students minoring in humanitarian action have opportunities to prepare for their future careers through hands-on work with Fairfield’s JUHAN chapter (Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network). The JUHAN club raises awareness on campus about humanitarian issues and builds strategies for responding to humanitarian crises. JUHAN also includes international skills-building conferences for undergraduate students of Jesuit universities.

Digital Journalism:
The Digital Journalism program is infused with the spirit of investigative, explanatory journalism, a civic-rooted journalism that seeks to answer H.L. Mencken’s call for journalists to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.” Beyond informing the public, the young journalists in our program seek to engage citizens, create a public debate, and push readers and viewers to be more than mere spectators. The BA in Digital Journalism in the English Department is a program designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to understand and take part in today’s quickly changing, digital journalism world. The major includes a large focus on ethics, consistent with Fairfield’s mission, and a multidisciplinary approach that will draw on courses offered by other departments at Fairfield. It is inspired by the eloquentia perfecta approach to which the English Department aspires, consistent with Jesuit ideals.


Black Lives Matter:
In the context of Ferguson, Charleston and other recent events that have highlighted racial tensions in America, this course responds to the call of students from our campus community to raise questions about and critically reflect upon the failures of U.S. democracy to address the inequities faced by the African-American community. This course employs collective thinking, teaching and research, to focus on questions around race, structural inequality, and violence. It examines the historical, geographical, cultural, social, and political ways in which race has been configured and represented in the United States. Various faculty will bring to bear their respective scholarly perspectives so that students may better understand the significance of race and racism as it is viewed within various intellectual disciplines.

Introduction to Health Sciences:
This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the evolution of healthcare in America. The course will apply a social science lens to the assessment of various healthcare co-cultures, including providers, patients, and insurers. The impact of technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices on patient longevity, wellness, and disease management will be explored. In addition, the dialectical tensions created by acute care/disease-focused vs. quality-of-life/wellness-centric healthcare delivery models will be examined. The evolving economic burdens of an aging population, uninsured Americans, expanding technology, provider specialization, and fewer healthcare gatekeepers on the U.S. healthcare system will also be assessed.

Health Studies Capstone:
The Health Studies Capstone will allows students to integrate and reflect on the wealth of information learned in HS 101 and the three elective courses in the minor. Students will undertake an independent research project in some area of Health Studies, and through discussions with the professor and other students, dissect and analyze their theme from a range of perspectives. The project will culminate with both a written paper, and an oral or poster presentation at the annual Health Studies symposium in the spring. 

Read the Fairfield University mission statement.


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