Stags + Pizza = Best Day Ever
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Stags + Pizza = Best Day Ever

The skies were blue, the pizza was hot and the beers were cold.

And there was running. Lots of running.

On Sunday, November 8, Lucas and dozens of Fairfield students, alumni, staff and faculty joined almost 1,700 people for the Colony Grill HotOil 5k in downtown Fairfield. In it’s fifth year, the annual run raises money for local fire and police departments. To date, they have been able to donate nearly $125,000.

Fairfield University’s cheerleading team welcomed runners in the early hours of Sunday morning with sparkles and smiles as they (wo)manned check-in and gave runners their goodie boxes. Lucas pumped up the Stags at the start line in the Fairfield train station parking lot, sending runners off with energy and excitement. Donned in red and white matching shirts, Fairfield runners were ready to rock.

Later that day, the Stags showed their spirit when the baseball team joined in the fun to hand out water to parched participants at the only water station on the course—a much needed stop after a rolling hill.

Ken Martin, co-owner of Colony Grill, was proud to partner with the Stags this year.

“An excellent and eager group of Fairfield volunteers supported us and created a wonderful sense of neighborly camaraderie before, during and after the race,”

Michael Anderson '92 MBA'03 running with daughter in Colony Grill 5k on November 8, 2015.

Michael Anderson '92 MBA'03 runs with his 7 year old daughter during the Colony Grill HotOil 5K.

Michael Anderson ’92 MBA’03 ran with his 7-year old daughter, something he says he will never forget.

“You never know what may occur on your kid’s first 5K with zero training,” he said. “Two falls, a few tears post-fall, myriad friend sightings along the route and up in trees screaming her name, and her constant smile made the day one of my favorites ever.”

A post-run party behind Colony Grill was a welcomed sight as runners crossed the finish line. Music filled the air and, naturally, Lucas was there, showing off his patented dance moves and school spirit at the University tent. Scores of Stags—and future Stags—donned in red and white, swarmed the tent, proudly relaying their graduation year and favorite Fairfield memories.

“The enthusiasm and pride from the runners was overwhelming,” said Teddy DeRosa, the University’s associate director of public relations and community relations. “It truly showed the positive impact Fairfield has on the community.”

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