Fairfield University Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra to Present Two Nights of Musical
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Fairfield University Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra to Present Two Nights of Musical

Fairfield University students and community members present two spectacular and diverse nights of musical performances. On November 19, 2015, the Fairfield University Jazz Ensemble will be performing their annual show in Gonzaga Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. The Fairfield University Symphony Orchestra will present “A Winter Awakening” on November 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Quick Center for the Arts.

Under the direction of John Fumasoli, with special guest percussionist David Silliman, the Jazz Ensemble presents a vibrant and versatile night of music. Some selections include “Work Song,” by Cannonball Adderly, and “Little Sunflower” by Freddie Hubbard, ‌as well as arrangements by Fumasoli and other Ensemble members.

“The upcoming Jazz Ensemble concert featuring guest artist David Sulliman is much anticipated,” said John Fumasoli, Director of Jazz Ensemble and the Music Program Director at Fairfield University. “Highlights of our show include student compositions and arrangements, improvisation by all and a wide variety of song selections. In addition, working with percussionist David Sulliman will add new energy to our music and will be an inspiration to us all.”

‌David Silliman, experienced drummer and percussionist, will accompany the band as their special guest artist. Silliman’s musical talents have taken him all over the world, from performances with Aretha Franklin in New York to concerts and festivals in Italy, Uruguay and the North Sea. His style, a unique combination of jazz, Latin jazz, Brazilian and funk music has created exciting rhythmic energies, which, after twenty years of international performance, add color and mood to any musical performance.

‌Then, welcoming the winter season, the Fairfield University Orchestra has prepared a variety of classical pieces along with seasonal tunes, composed by Leroy Anderson, Franz Schubert and Edward Greig. There will also be select chamber musical pieces played by various members of the orchestra. The orchestra is comprised of Fairfield students, as well as surrounding community members.

"A Winter Awakening is going to be a spectacular performance,” says Marianne Rose Weber, the student manager of the Fairfield University Symphony Orchestra. “Students and community members that make up the orchestra have been working very hard in rehearsals to make this performance one to remember, and we are looking forward to ringing in the winter season with a prepared selection of great classical and seasonal pieces.”

Tickets for the Fairfield University Jazz Ensemble are $5 at the door. Tickets to the Fairfield University Orchestra, “A Winter Awakening,” are free. Please visit the Quick Center for the Arts or call 203-254-4010 for more information.  


By Lindsay Stephen ’16



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