"A Man's World" at Theatre Fairfield, Oct. 28 -31
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"A Man's World" at Theatre Fairfield, Oct. 28 -31

Theatre Fairfield’s grand season opens on October 28 with A Man’s World, a remarkably “contemporary” play written in 1909 by Rachel Crothers, a major Broadway playwright of the early twentieth century. The production is largely student-run and is directed by Dr. Martha S. LoMonaco, resident director of Theatre Fairfield and professor of visual and performing arts in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Dr. LoMonaco voiced her excitement for this highly anticipated performance, "I've been wanting to produce A Mans World for years," she said. "It addresses feminist issues of its time—1909—that are still relevant to us today. The lead character, a woman named Frank Ware, is someone we all admire and want to be.  She is a successful novelist, a social activist, and a caring woman who boldly adopts and raises a young boy whose mother died in childbirth. Frank combats the sexual double standard of her time—men being ‘allowed’ to be promiscuous while women must remain ‘pure’—that is still prevalent now."

Besides its emphasis on social issues of both the past and present, A Man’s World further distinguishes itself by using intricate puppetry. Three puppeteers manipulating an awe-inspiring Bunraku-style puppet will perform Frank Ware’s adopted son, Kiddie, both designed and built by the wonderful Linda Wingerter.

Assisting Dr. LoMonaco on the production team are Karl G. Ruling, scenic designer; Lynne Chase, lighting designer; Julie Leavitt, costume designer; Linda Wingerter, puppet master; Jeremy Jenkins, technical director; and Michelle Rakowsky ’17, stage manager. The cast features Liam Cahill ’18, Maddie Craig ’19, Shannon Kelley ’19, Jessie Lizotte ’18, Alex Mongillo ’16, Kaylee Moran ’18, Aubrey Sierer ’16, Tori Schuchmann ’16, Nick Solimini ’16, and Sean Switzer ’17.

Although engaged in serious themes, the show is suitable for all ages. Performances take place from October 28 – 31, 2015 at 8 p.m., and October 31 & November 1, 2015 at 2 p.m. Tickets are on sale for $15 for the general public, and $5 for Fairfield University students. 

Images: Top left. (L-R) Alex Mongillo, Aubrey Sierer, and Liam Cahill discuss the artist's life in 1909 America in Theatre Fairfield's upcoming production of A Man's World.

Bottom right. Puppet master Linda Wingerter assists puppeteers Shannon Kelley, Kaylee Moran, and Jessie Lizotte in manipulating the bunraku-style puppet of a 6-year-old boy created for Theatre Fairfield's upcoming production of Rachel Crothers's A Man's World.

By Olivia Pentell ’16

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