Move-In on August 30: Residence Life Seeking Volunteers
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Move-In on August 30: Residence Life Seeking Volunteers

The students have changed, but move-in day remains much the same. Or, almost the same.

Back in August 1986, when Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Tom Pellegrino moved in to Loyola Hall, he remembers cheering students greeting his family at the gate, and the enthusiastic faculty and staff who were on hand to help him and hundreds of other students move in.

“There was a small package of tissues made available to the moms,” Pellegrino said. “I was the last of four children going to college, so they had gone through this before and were somewhat tempered to the experience. Combined with the fact that my sister went into labor with the first grandchild in the family, my parents were somewhat anxious to get rid of me!”

Fairfield has a great reputation for a smooth move-in process—especially among first-year parents, who have often traveled hours and are appreciative of the support as they send their son or daughter off into the new world of college. We’re expecting the same smooth process when the Class of 2019 arrives on Sunday, August 30. Transfer students also arrive on August 30.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors join the crowd on Monday, and classes begin on Tuesday, September 1.

The Office of Residence Life is still looking for volunteers to help on August 30. Please complete this form if you can help, or contact the Office of Residence Life at ext. 4215.

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