Fairfield University Welcomes Class of '17

More than 100 student volunteers, including athletes, RAs, and student government leaders greeted and helped move in a total of 923 first-year students and 46 transfer students on Sunday, September 1.

Dean of Students Karen Donoghue reports, “Move-in is like a well-oiled machine as the University community comes together to welcome our first-year students. The goal is to make moving in a stress-less situation to avoid unnecessary anxiety for families. This year we were also lucky to have the weather on our side, though it could have been a little cooler!”

Since move-in, the members of the Class of 2017 have been attending important sessions to prepare them academically and socially for the year to come. Some highlights include:

- Late-night entertainment, including a band in the Quad, Quad Olympics, and a mini version of Fairfield Quest. Students won a variety of prizes, including an iPad Mini. Other students relaxed in the Quad eating popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy.
- Students experienced “Once a Stag, Always a Stag,” a welcoming session which encourages school pride and sprit. Plus students walked away with a free red t-shirt!
- Families attended the President's Welcome and were introduced to our Jesuit Community.
- Approximately 18 transfer students went on an outdoor excursion.
- International Students Orientation started much earlier this year to allow for an effective transition. They shopped, went to New York City, and even enjoyed a night of bingo.
- The downtown Scavenger Hunt, in partnership with our downtown bookstore, was a huge success! Forty eight students were placed on teams that went to many different downtown locations. The winning team won free textbooks for a semester!
- Convocation 2013 was held Tuesday, September 3, on the Bellarmine Lawn, where Dr. Donald Gibson, Dean of the Charles F. Dolan School of Business, gave the Convocation Speech, and students received a class gift.

See a slide show of move-in day highlights!
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