Children and Toxins Subject of State Hearing on Campus


Fairfield University will be the site of an upcoming Connecticut General Assembly public hearing by the Select Committee on Children. The forum is related to proposed legislation on issues dealing with toxic substances in children’s products, labeling of baby food containing genetically modified organisms, and use of toxic fire retardant in children’s products.

The hearing is 6 p.m., Thursday, February 28 in the Oak Room of the Barone Campus Center and is not only open to the public, but also the entire campus community for the purpose of both observing and providing testimony on the legislation.

The hearing in Fairfield is the result of an initiative by the state government charging Assembly committees to hold public hearings on legislation at venues other than in Hartford, thus making it more convenient for individuals and groups in southwestern Connecticut to provide input to the proposed bills. Rep. Kim Fawcett (D-Fairfield) contacted the University about holding the meeting on the Fairfield campus.

University spokesperson, Martha Milcarek, said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to host such an important meeting on campus. Not only does this serve the region, but will provide a wonderful educational experience for our students to see the legislative process at work.”

Following is the specific legislation under consideration:

* An Act Concerning GMO's and the Labeling of Children's Food

* An Act Concerning Fire Retardants in Children's Clothing

* An Act Concerning Chemicals of Concern for Connecticut's Children

Representative Kim Fawcett, the Vice Chair of the Children's Committee and organizer of the local public hearing commented, "toxins and the impact they are having on children and public health are issues I have become passionate about. It is a perfect fit to bring this hearing to Fairfield University we will be bringing attention to the issues of toxins, GMO's and public health impacts while connecting strong local voices into the public record in Hartford."

Testimony on legislation may be provided one of two ways: verbally, during the hearing or by submitting written commentary to the Committee. In order to testify at the hearing, it is necessary to register that evening with committee staff.

For copies of the bills visit:

Members of the Committee on Children include Sen. Danté Bartolomeo, co-chair (D-S13); Rep. Diana Urban , co-chair(D-043); Sen. Bob Duff, vice chair (D-S25); Rep. Kim Fawcett, vice chair (D-133); Art Linares (R-S33); Rep. Whit Betts (R-078); Rep. Christina Ayala (D-128); Rep. Juan Candelaria (D-095); Rep. Ernest Hewett (D-039); Rep. Laura Hoydick (R-120); Rep. Edwin Varagas (D-006); Rep. Terrie Wood (R-141).

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